Super Future

As we put 2016 to sleep and embark on a New Year ahead, MAD Museum of Art & Design presents an exciting and thought-provoking group show, SUPER FUTURE, which reflects on the current state of the world (be it political, social, economical or anthropological) whilst utilizing the most cutting-edge of technological possibilities to dazzling effect. This exhibition is one of the satellite events that will take place during Singapore Art Week 2017.

Featuring the works of more than 10 contemporary European artists making their debut in Singapore, the show is a colorful and funky hodgepodge of original paintings, prints and high-end furnishings sourced and curated by MAD Museum’s founder Jasmine Tay, in collaboration with Manfredi Moretti, founder and creative director of Manfredi Style (, that will evoke the senses with their often humorous, clever yet satirical nature. “I have always been a fan of works that have a strong message, be it street art influenced works or furniture design that are pushing the creative envelope and challenging the way art and its medium can be interpreted,” says Jasmine. “These artworks from Europe, which is the first time that they are being presented here, certainly represent these qualities with their vivid imageries and elaborate craftsmanship which reflect the possibilities of future technological advances.”

Highlights at this mammoth group show include the works of Alessandro Rabatti, whose Facebank series of prints reflect on the tumultuous state of world currency with a playful eye, juxtaposing images of bank notes from all over the world with motifs from comic book superheroes (a wry commentary on today’s opportunistic globalization), as well as the state-of-the-art furniture by Leonardo Di Caprio, who incidentally, share the same name as the famous Hollywood actor. Di Caprio’s stunning marquetry-inspired works are all individually assembled and lacquered by hand, featuring cutting-edge geometric designs inspired by Brazilian jewelry motifs.

There will also be special collaborative street art works by artists Uriginal and BTOY (the latter whom was also previously invited by Banksy for a special collaboration) which touch on political and social matters; the space-like modular designs by Niccolo Poggi which evoke futuristic landscapes; intricate and genre-pushing furniture works by Nynke Koster, which are made out of customized rubber and evoke architectural fragments from the past; antique-inspired by artist Bianco Bianchi and designer Sara Ricciardi which evoke 17th 18th century Europe; special coffee table collaborations by furniture makers Carrara Design Factory and five up-and-coming designers; Odeith’s eye-popping 3D-inspired graffiti works which are as sprawling as they are magnificent; colorful sculptures by Dario Tironi which reimagines the human body in future times; and even more state-of-the-art street artworks by duo Orticanoodles, who have been hailed by Banksy as the future of street art. With so many glorious European art stars under one roof, the future of art and design is certainly looking very bright indeed.

Nynke Koster, Dario Tironi, Alessandro Rabatti, Niccolò Poggi, Leonardo Di Caprio, Btoy, Orticanoodles,  2017,  MAD Museum of Art & Design, Singapore