Museo del Serio

The artwork has the shape of a building’s map, a museum space where I put some rectangles representing the horizontal transposition of the display surfaces of the space itself. The entire surfaces are filled by the waste I removed, in a recorded action, from the side of the river below the park during the artistic event.
My operation rises from the visual contrast among the cleanliness of the park on one side and the riverside’s polluted landscape on the other and from the consideration that pollution in based on the loss of the own environment membership feeling and of aesthetic sensibility towards the beauty of natural elements. Instead we prove sensibility towards our own private goods and this sensibility depends on how many times we see and live in certain places.
In the installation there is the aim of making visible this waste using the museum space as a place where to observe, admire, contemplate the product of our culture.

Descrizione/description: 10x12m, ambient installation Anno/year: 2010 Location: Bergamo